Is Gratitude the Secret to a Long Life?

Is Gratitude the Secret to a Long Life? by @MLewisMDAuthor #gratitude #family #leadership

My mother, Beatrice Lewis, is 103 years old. She possesses a wide, generous smile, and easily shares her joy. She is comfortable in her own skin and people of all ages are drawn to her. On a regular basis, my mother states “I’m grateful that I can be grateful.” She understands that gratitude is necessary…

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A More Rewarding Life

A more rewarding life. It’s a goal that many of us set for ourselves. Yet we all experience difficulties and emotional traumas in our lives—health or financial issues, challenges with family and friends, uncertain futures—that can distract us from that goal. How to increase the likelihood of a more satisfying life? That’s why I created Seeing…

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Seasonal Transitions: Balancing Individualism with Family

This is a season of transitions.  As schools close for the summer, college students return home after exams, and families embark on summer vacations, there’s an inevitable adjustment – sometimes uncomfortable – as each family member is thrown from the school year routine of individual trajectories into a sudden sense of enforced togetherness.  This time…

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