Is Gratitude the Secret to a Long Life?

Is Gratitude the Secret to a Long Life? by @MLewisMDAuthor #gratitude #family #leadership

My mother, Beatrice Lewis, is 103 years old. She possesses a wide, generous smile, and easily shares her joy. She is comfortable in her own skin and people of all ages are drawn to her. On a regular basis, my mother states “I’m grateful that I can be grateful.” She understands that gratitude is necessary…

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Seasonal Transitions: Balancing Individualism with Family

This is a season of transitions.  As schools close for the summer, college students return home after exams, and families embark on summer vacations, there’s an inevitable adjustment – sometimes uncomfortable – as each family member is thrown from the school year routine of individual trajectories into a sudden sense of enforced togetherness.  This time…

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