“Michael Lewis is a gifted artist who was born with the true photographer’s eye-a rarity in anyone, much less a celebrated pro in another field.”
– Art Shay, Veteran TIME/LIFE  photojournalist and author/photographer of 62 books

“Michael’s work touches me. He has created magical timeless moments, full of joy and wonder that deserve careful and caring attention. His consistent way of seeing speaks to his love of all things on this planet. He embraces the world, One World.”
– John Weiss, Former apprentice to photographer Minor White and former Professor of Art and Coordinator of Photography, University of Delaware

“What a powerful and wonderful experience it is to be taken on this fabulous global trip. I felt that I was witness to many ‘sacred moments’ and I was with you all the way. This book lifted my spirits.”
– John Callaway, PBS-TV journalist